A Careful Turn Driving School

Driver's Education for Teenagers

Segment 2

In order to be eligible for Segment 2, the student must have had their Level 1 Learner's License for a minimum of 3 consecutive months and completed a minimum of 30 hours of driving (which 2 of those hours must have been at night).  

On the first day of class, a Level 1 Learner's License and Driving Log MUST be brought in and verified by classroom instructor.  

Registration form will be handed out on the first day of class.  

Segment 2 is $40 if you did not take Segment 1 with us OR if you did not pay for Segment 2 when you took Segment 1.  We will verify on the first day of class.  

We will have a Segment 2 class every month.  Please keep checking our website for new classes added.  

Program 8B-2022 August 29th through August 31st (6-8 PM) Student's Level 1 license must dated on or before May 29,2022 Reserve Now
Program 9B-2022 September 26th through September 28th (6-8pm) Student's Level 1 License must be dated on or before June 26, 2022 Reserve Now
Program 10B-2022 October 24th through October 26th (6-8pm) Student's Level 1 License must but dated on or before July 24, 2022 Reserve Now